Young Veterans, Older Workers: 1st Batch of the Job Readiness Program for the “long-term unemployed”



  The Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) will launch the first local class of the popular Platform to Employment (P2E) program, a unique and ambitious curriculum that specifically targets the needs of workers who have been struggling with unemployment for six months or more. “Two demographic groups who often find themselves in this category of long-term unemployed are workers over age 50 and veterans,” said Paul Washington, OED executive director. It is precisely these two categories of workers, with far-reaching needs ranging from financial counseling to mental health services for families, who are the focus of the P2E job readiness program, Washington said. “Being out of work is challenge enough, and for those workers who are unemployed for more than 27 weeks, the challenges to remain optimistic and find sustainable employment only grow,” said Ledy Garcia-Eckstein, OED’s acting director of Workforce Development. “We are pleased to bring this program to Denver and introduce the members of our first class, a mix of these young veterans and older workers.” Read more via

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